Types of Graphic Design

Types of Graphic Design

There are different types of graphic design from which you will know what is Graphic Design actually is and why we use it a lot. 8Types of graphic design I have discussed here.

1.Visual identity graphic design

Visual identity graphic design is:

The visual parts of the brand character, that go about as the idea of a brand to pass on those unimportant attributes through the use of images, shapes, and colors. from these images, shapes and colors tell you what the brand is actually for.

Those designers which have experiences in visual identity graphic design work collectively with brand partners to make the resources like logos, shading, typography and picture libraries that address a brand’s personality.

2. Marketing & advertising graphic design

Whenever people think about graphic designing, they think of designs created for marketing and advertising also. Marketing connects people according to the needs, awareness, and satisfaction they have about of an item, brand or service. So, people will always find more attracting visual content, graphic design helps organizations to promote and convey more effectively. Marketing designers work with owners of an organization, directors or marketing experts to make resources for advertising systems.
Marketing designers also work alone or as a part of an in the house or in the form of a team. Creators can have more practical experiences in an explicit sort of media (vehicle wraps or magazine ads) for example, for printing digital and beyond especially for use in content marketing.https://learnunique.online/graphic-designing-salary/

Its not visual wraps its magazine for Marketing & advertising graphic design
Magazine Example
content of 
Marketing & advertising graphic design
content of 
Marketing & advertising graphic design

Marketing graphic design Examples

  1. Postcards and flyers
  2. Magazines and paper advertisement
  3. Publications and boards
  4. Info-graphics
  5. Brochures ( computerized and print )
  6. Vehicle wraps
  7. Public expo shows
  8. Email Advertising layouts
  9. Online networking advertisements and design
  10. Pictures for sites and blog

Vehicle wraps:

To grow your business at the highest rank or to get attention to your business use vehicle wraps, these vehicles ran far away to make advertising for your business. Vehicle wraps may be of industry, universities, or of small businesses.

To design vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics use CorelDraw or Adobe photoshop as shown in the below figure create vehicle wrap by the use of CorelDraw tool.

vehicle wraps
vehicle wraps

Promote your brands with vehicle wraps by using different variety of graphic designs to reach your customers.you can invest one time on vehicle wraps and earn over the year.

Designing Vehicle Graphics and Wraps in CorelDraw

3. User interface graphic design

User interface graphic design is a method through which a customer communicates with applications or gadget. The UI configuration is the way towards organizing interfaces to make them easy to understand and give an easy to utilize. UI includes everything a client interacts with the screen, mouse, and keyboard, but in the context of graphic design, UI design focuses on users visual experiences and the design of on-screen graphics components like menus, buttons and more.

user interface graphic design or its also called ui graphic design
ui graphic design

Practice architects of UI work in Android applications,
desktop applications, web applications and games.They work with experience client creators who tells how the application functions and UI engineers (who compose code to make it work)

User interface graphic design Examples:

  1. Web page design
  2. App design
  3. Theme design
user interface graphic design its example of 
Theme Design

user interface graphic design (Theme design)

4.Animation and Film Design

Animation: Anything you can create as a character or as an object for your film and then can create the entire animation, the entire movement for the character and for the object using sketching, using digital methods, using physical methods. In animation movie it just one person who acting and direct a movie. In an animation movie, you can control everything it is a powerful movie beacuse of usage technology in it.


Film Design: Where you higher real character, where you higher actual people who can understand and play the character of their own.

5.Apparel Design

Apparel design its all about fashion design. It includes textile design, lifestyle and primarly dealing with accessories of fashion design apparel merging with different accepts of textiles. Apparel and textile are two closely releated branches.Apparel design related to fashion.


6.Ceramic and Glass Design

This is particularly chemistry oriented discipline. Ceramic design and glass design are physical products which are not mass manufactured in the industry but its a lot of craft work and crafts include clay, terracotta, and other crafts materials. If you want to create home decor things then ceramic is a good option for you. examples of ceramic design are some kind of pottery, tabletop accessories etc.


7.Retail Design

Retail Designs means big malls, superstores where everything related to shopping industry and everything related to big shops where people experience different types of shopping. When you will visit big malls, superstores from here you will learn about interior design, creating a system, human psychology and creating an experience using different types of design it is known as retail design.


8.Digital Game Design

Digital game is completely digital space it requires technology. When you love the idea of games or games make you smile or when you enjoy creating games or playing the digital game then join this brand of digital game. Microsoft is one of the biggest players now in the gaming industry. Example of digital game design is Xbox 360 Games.

digital game
digital game


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