Photographic filter

The photographic filter is actually a lens which is used during photography to filter real light to imaginary light or it may be called only, to filter the light. In the photography and cinematography, a filter is a camera accessory be made from an optical filter that can be fixed into the optical path. from this site, we will tell you the overall structure of the photographic filter, of what it is really is and how we use it in photography. We will also tell you about the old filter here.

Photographic filter

There are various types of filters

Clear Filters:-

Clear filters are transparent and are called as window glass are placed before a lens to protect the camera lens.

FLD filter

FLD filter stands for (fluorescent light correction)it gives the perfect solution for getting pleasing skin tones and also right shading while shooting without a flash under fluorescent lighting. You can use fld filter on a film camera to correct for the different tone of light and give your shots a more natural looking shading. But on the other side fld filters not function well nowadays due to a number of kinds of fluorescent lighting and they all have different color/ shading temperatures. There were also FLB filters are for correcting the fluorescent to tungsten (B for Bulb) film.

FLD & CPL filters

Honestly! if you want to create a pink effect then, you use FLD filter. In the above image, it looks like a purple shade of fld filter but it is dark pink actually shown pinkish color.
FLD filters changed“fluorescent” Daylight film and a companion filter. This filter is for digital on-camera use, is commonly out of date. With the digital cameras, there is normally a “white balance” setting for fluorescent lights.

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