Off Page SEO

What is off page SEO? it is a technique or tool we use to rank our article, blog, site or any other local business we run. Here I will describe with you some tools by using these off Page SEO Platforms you gain more traffic on your site, article or blog.


  1. YouTube Video Creation
  2. Web 2.0 Manual
  3. Article Submissions
  4. Press Release Submissions
  5. Video Submissions
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Social Signals
  8. .edu backlinks
  9. Document Sharing
  10. Wiki Links
  11. Forum Links
  12. Blog Comments
  13. Image Sharing Links
  14. Profile Links
  15. Social Bookmarking for each backlink

Document Sharing:- For document sharing tool is used here you upload files in PDF, in the description of that PDF file write the link of your website you want to promote or get more traffic.

Image Sharing Links:- For Image Sharing Links use this tool

in this platform upload your relevant blog image with short description and put URL of your blog or site.

Off Page SEO Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a Post share from different social sites Example Facebook, Twitter, Subreddits, Google +, Instagram etc with website links is called Social Bookmarking.

social bookmarking

To learn more click here

SEO alludes to strategies you can use to improve the situation of a site in the web search tool results page (SERPs). Numerous individuals partner SEO with third-party referencing yet it isn’t just that.

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