Best April fool Ideas that wroks

Best April fool Ideas

Through this article, you can get many April fool ideas and make hilarious fun with your friends. You can also find here April fool day Jokes.

Just as individuals pulling tricks on each other on April Fools’ Day, expand tricks have shown up on radio and TV stations, papers, sites, and have been performed by enormous enterprises.

1-To their seat connect air horn.

april fool ideas
April fool ideas

2-Draw spider to Toilet Paper

april fool ideas
April fool ideas

3-Draw insect on paper and paste it inner side of lamp

  • April fool
  • April fool

4-Attach air horn with a door wall protector.

April fool ideas
April fool ideas

5-Keep chicken cube in shower

April fool ideas
April fool ideas

6-Become a seat and see people reactions.

April fool ideas

7-Hang Kim Jong Un with the staff pictures wall.


There are many other ideas that will works.

April fools day

April fools day is celebrated every year on 1st April by playing some kind of practical jokes and with hilarious pranks. People exposing their pranks, by shouting loudly saying April fool. April Fools example, Some people celebrate April fool by giving fake chocolates to friends and loved once this chocolate is often made with soap and covered with a chocolate layer.

In the below video you can find history of April Fools day

If you have not been fooled by anyone or still not make fool to others then what are you waiting for enjoy this fun and celebrate April fools fun.

April Fools day Jokes

Earth might be stop rotating

Animals Might be start talking

But your brain will never start thinking

“April fool’s day”

Wishing you a very happy and hilarious April Fools day to a King of fool.

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